Drabble Series : The Cursed Class 2 (english trans)

The cursed class

-The Cursed Class-

by Cherry Hee


Kyu-Hyun wiped his face with a towel when his eyes caught a flash of dark shadow not that far away from the bathroom door where he was standing in front of. The dark shadow stood still in the alley, as if it were waiting. Kyu-Hyun walked toward the shadow, the nearer the distance was, the clearer he could see the dark shadow. He could now recognize the pale face of that dark shadow. and the more his eyes could recognize the owner of the pale face. With his usual careless face, Kyu-Hyun walked and passed “it” just like that.


Kyu-Hyun hummed some tune, ignoring the cold breeze blowing behind him.

“Hey wait!”

Clicking his tongue in an angry way, Kyu-Hyun turned around with an obvious angry face. He moaned, annoyed, “I’ve told you so many times! Stop following me everywhere!”

Upon hearing it, Eun-Hyuk the shadow with pale face put his who’s-following-you-you-dumb-ass face on. “I just want to talk some important stuff,” he said.

“I still have a night class to go, and if your talk is not as important as what I though and it’s gonna make me late, I’m gonna really cast you away!”

Eun-Hyuk snorted away. Who’s the one been staying in this place first?! His age is even ten years older than Kyu-Hyun, it’s just that he doesn’t age out.

“I just want you to tell your short friend with that idiot look.. what’s his name—?”

“Dong-Hae?” Kyu-Hyun fastly interrupted. When he heard he word “short” and “idiot look”, somehow Dong-Hae’s face came into his mind.

“Yeah, whatever his name is—just tell him to please stop shouting and bugging out in my class. He’s really noisy.”

Kyu-Hyun giggled. He remembers how Dong-Hae always gets curious—or obsessed to be exact—to the invisible creatures like Eun-Hyuk. When he refused to introduce Dong-Hae to the inhabitants of that cursed class last week, that kid must have tried to approach by himself.

“He just want to be your friend” Kyu-Hyun answered without any intention to defend Dong-Hae. He thinks it’s quite dumb as it sound, but he really heard it from Dong-Hae’s own mouth that he wants to befriend with ghosts.

“Well, I don’t like his face,” said Eun-Hyuk after a pause, tried to considerate.

“Fine, I’ll tell him.”

“Thanks.” There’s a big relieve clearly shown when Eun-Hyuk smiled widely, making his gums all visible.

Right before he vanished through the wall, Kyu-Hyun mumbled. “You weren’t peeking when I took my bath, were you?”

“It turned out to be true.. That you are as dumb as your friend,” Eun-Hyuk mocked and made Kyu-Hyun grumbled unclear along the school alley.


Thanks for reading guys n_n

and thank u so much for my sister who translated this fic to me hehe 😀


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