Drabble Series : The Cursed Class 1 (english trans)

The cursed class

-The Cursed Class-

by Cherry Hee


“Did you see it, Kyu?” Lee Dong-Hae asked with such curiosity written all over his face. His two eyes glared, waiting for some answer.

“Yeah.” The other boy mumbled, his facial expression was just flat.

“How does it look like?”

“Not bad.” Dong-Hae’s eyebrows were twitching, signing an obvious enthusiasm.

He jumped a bit as if there were a shocking wave electrify him before he finally urged Kyu-Hun again. “Let’s go there!”

“Are you crazy?”

“Just a quick introductory, is it too much?”

“Stop taking advantage of my gift. I don’t want to deal with their kind.”

“But-but you’re the only one who can see ghost!” He moaned, tried to sulk in.

Kyu-Hyun sighed, he just couldn’t digest what’s been filling up this idiot boy.

“It’s pretty late. I’m hungry.”

“Kyu!” Dong-Hae— with a face full of objection — finally followed his friend’s steps.

Both of them left the class which has been empty and abandoned for years and years.

Some rumors have been circulated, saying that five kids died, hung themselves off altogether there in that class, forcing the school to seal it up. Now the class is called the cursed class by the kids around.



Thanks for reading guys n_n

and thank u so much for my sister who translated this fic to me hehe 😀


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